FGW Study on the digitalisation of work by Ralf Kopp: Industrie 4.0 und soziale Innovation – Fremde oder Freunde?


In accordance with general labour policy consent, a socio-technical design depends on the pros and cons that the realisation of Industry 4.0 (Industrie 4.0) implicates. Thus social innovation is supposed to contribute to the implementation of human-orientated and participatory forms of shaping workplaces. Usually conceptual and theoretical reference points of social innovation are not given enough attention and are not systematically linked with Industry 4.0. This short report offers a critical analysis of Industry 4.0 using a concept of social innovation that has been developed by the Sozialforschungsstelle Dortmund. Taking this perspective into account, it is shown that a technocentric view on Industry 4.0 lacks what a comprehensive concept of innovation can offer, and leads to a narrow understanding of the digital agenda. This debate on Working 4.0 (Arbeiten 4.0) promotes a more profound and comprehensive discussion on the topic. It favours a more advanced development of conceptual alternatives.

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Kopp, Ralf 2016: Industrie 4.0 und soziale Innovation – Fremde oder Freunde? Düsseldorf, FGW – Forschungsinstitut für gesellschaftliche Weiterentwicklung e.V.

ISSN: 2510-4101