Antonia Caro González

Antonia Caro González, Head of International Research Project Office at the University of Deusto, has sound experience in managing complex interdisciplinary research collaborations and community engagement with multi-stakeholder counterparts. She recently published the position paper on nested systems for Societal Impact. With over 20 years of experience in research internationalisation, Antonia is senior counsellor to the Rector team in strategic research planning; currently responsible for Deusto Master Plans on “Internationalisation”, “Social Impact” and “Interdisciplinary Platforms”, she is in charge of implementing the 6 I’s Research Model. She is evaluator for the European Commission and researcher in EU projects. Her current research interests focus on Social Innovation, employment transition, social impact of research and innovative research management. Dr Caro is BoD member of ESSI, of the Covenant on Demographic Change and at the GaragErasmus Foundation.