Guardians of the Sea: A Story for the Empowerment of Children as Future Changemakers by Mónica Edwards Schachter

ESSI individual member Mónica Edwards Schachter is the author of a children’s book that strives for social innovation through story-learning of future change-makers. The recently published “Guardians of the Sea” is part of a series of stories that are created as part of the monValu project and invite children to discover the connection between climate change and modern society.

“How to empower children -and in particular girls- to be climate change makers and to be prepared for the fourth industrial revolution?” This is the main question of the monValu project. Its development is based on the belief or premise that children will make a difference in societal transition to sustainability. From this perspective, adults have the responsibility with regard to their influence on children and how they build their “mindset” or their view about the world (as well as their vocations). Such early perceptions can have impact on childrens’ role as future citizens and workers as well as their future action and socio-cultural practices to transform the world.

The stories from the project promote values and the development of empathy, imagination, creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking. The project combines story learning with methodologies for the development of STEAM competences/competencies (in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths). In that sense, it comprises not only children but also initiatives at different education levels and teacher training (a website will be available in next weeks and you can read about this in the additional information here attached).

The book about Kai, a little mermaid who wants to know how and why the sea is getting sick and what can be done, is available since September.

“The book includes a Kanban model for children to learn how to organize their daily activities and to help Kai to prepare a good plan to take care of the sea as well as a beautiful mandala to color.” (from Amazon)

ISBN: 979-8689900216

For more information on the book and the project, please refer to an interview with Mónica Edwards Schachter here: