Report on Social Innovation in Slovenia by Primož Šporar and Kristjan Strojan (2015)


Social Innovation in Slovenia is in its early stages, and remains largely underdeveloped without a supporting environment for social innovators. A number of social innovation projects in Slovenia have been launched in the last decade. The majority of them have come as a result of individual entrepreneurial initiatives within more innovative organisations. The issues addressed by social innovation in Slovenia include long-term and youth unemployment, the inclusion of marginalised groups, the development of sustainable impact tourism and technological social innovation, education and social finances. 

Social innovation is time and context specific, which means it can mean different things in different contexts. What might not seem innovative in one country may be ground breaking in another. The political and cultural background is important to understand. There are also a wide variety of organizations involved in this field and each one has different perspectives. So, the purpose of this page is to demonstrate a variety of views on what social innovation means to different kinds of organizations in Slovenia.

Read the full report here: Social Innovation in Slovenia (2015)