ESSI Webinar | Quo vadis? A research agenda for social innovation

With 35 participants from all over the world, the first ESSI webinar “Quo vadis? A research agenda for social innovation” was a great success with exciting and insightful discussions and presentations.

The webinar started with a short introduction by Julia Wittmayer and a networking session, which was followed by a collection of thoughts about the future of social innovation research by all participants in mentimeter:

Next was a presentation on the new publication “A Research agenda for Social Innovation” by Jürgen Howaldt and Christoph Kaletka, which also provided the occasion for the webinar.

In three breakout sessions, participants learned more about the history of social innovation, social innovation ecosystems, and the capability approach in social innovation, followed by rich discussions:

#1 Looking back to move forward: history of SI
Presenter: Cornelius Schubert
Discussant: Klaus Schuch
Moderator: Jürgen Howaldt

#2 Looking around: Social innovation ecosystems
Presenter: Carolina Andion; Graziela Dias Alperstedt
Discussant: Bonno Pel
Moderator: Antonius Schröder

#3 Looking inside: Capability Approach and Social Innovation
Presenter: Rafael Ziegler
Discussant: Jeremy Millard
Moderator: Julia Wittmayer

The presentation by Jürgen Howaldt and Christoph Kaletka can be accessed here: download the presentation here

A video of this presentation is also available here: download the video of the presentation here