Photo of the award

SozialMarie: Award for successfully implemented social innovations in six EU Member States

SozialMarie is a prize for social innovation awarded annually to 15 outstanding projects. With its first call for applications in 2004 and awarding in 2005 it has been the first prize for social innovation in Europe. Beyond a financial recognition adding up to €54,000, SozialMarie primarily offers a public platform for social innovative projects in Central Eastern Europe.

Beyond novelty of the idea, the SozialMarie Criteria for Social Innovation focus on involvement of target groups, effectiveness of implementation and example effect. SozialMarie awards successfully implemented projects and is a premium seal of quality for effective social innovation. To promote and disseminate exemplary projects, as well as to advance the discussion about social innovation are SozialMarie’s main goals.

The prize is awarded every year on 1st of May, since “Labour Day” also stands out for the symbolic relevance of social innovation.

Usually the award ceremony takes place at the “Radiokulturhaus” of ORF, the Austrian Radio and Television Broadcasting Corporation.

However, in recent years the award ceremony had to be held as an online event, of which videos are publicly available as follows: