The Three MoskEUteers. Pushing and pursuing a “One for all, All for one” triple transition: social, green and digital

Caro-González, A. et al. (2023). The Three MuskEUteers. In: Petrevska Nechkoska, R., Manceski, G., Poels, G. (eds) Facilitation in Complexity. Contributions to Management Science. Springer, Cham.


As a response to the radical changes and challenges we are facing as humanity and in pursuit of the 2030 SDGs targets, we need to move towards a more decisive human-cultural-centred and planet-friendly triple transition. To pave the way for this encompassing Social, Green and Digital transformation the MoskEUteers emerge as a call for ‘a one for all, all for one’ triple transition.

With this innovative paradigm on the table, we face severe challenges, which demand placing the social dimension on equal foot with the green and digital transformations given its vital relevance to achieve positive transformations. Now is the opportunity for the EU to become the first “col·laboratory” to face the triple interdependent transitions that can shape the new global order. This EU’s Roadmap will seek the recognition of this new axis with the collaboration of quadruple or h-helix stakeholders’ collaborations through research, bridging science and practice to achieve global dynamic reconfiguration.

Henceforth, a systemic approach focused on societal development is essential, thus facilitating the interaction of people, digital, energy, and environmental concerns, and creating a more sustainable environment based on co-evolution, which in the end would be behind the “one for all, all for one” spirit.

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