ESSI Webinar | Social innovations for more spatial justice

On 15 February 2024, around 15 ESSI members came together for the 7th ESSI webinar to learn more about the connection between social innovation and spatial justice and to discuss perspectives. Moderated by Klaus Schuch (Vienna, Centre for Social Innovation) Judith Terstriep (Gelsenkirchen,Institute for Work and Technology, Westphalian University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen) and Ilayda Nilüfer (Istanbul, Istanbul University) provided impetus for a lively discussion with their presentations, supported by discussant Daniel Krüger (Dortmund, TU Dortmund University, Social Research Centre). The presentations introduced both conceptual and theoretical perspectives on the issue with a focus on the role of societal innovativeness, as well as practical examples of socially orientated disaster relief initiatives.


Judith Terstriep Societal innovativeness: Mobilising society’s innovation potential for transformative change
Ilayda Nilüfer Social Innovation in disaster management: Examples of entrepreneurship in Turkey after the February 6 earthquakes