Bachelor Management of Social Innovations

Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften München

The Management of Social Innovations programme was set up in response to society’s need for innovation in the coming years and decades. In practically all areas of society there is a need for sustainable and socially responsible change. A balance must be struck between the preservation of structures that serve society well and targeted future development.

To date, innovation has often been guided solely by technical or economic considerations. Problems, however, also arise within society and the environment which require the development and collective implementation of strategies that offer appropriate sociocultural solutions.

The programme provides students with the necessary skills and expertise to stimulate, support, guide, and assess social innovation. Students will acquire the academic knowledge necessary to define and assess innovation needs. The acquisition of methodological expertise and organisational skills will enable students to support and implement change processes. This includes, in particular, the methods used in knowledge organisation, social research, creative and resource-based educational work, community development, and also in communication.

Bachelor Management of Social Innovations – Flyer (PDF