Summer School San Sebastián

SUMSIC 2018:
Social Innovation in the Public Sector

The third edition of the Summer School of Social Innovation Community (SUMSIC)  will be held in San Sebastian at the end of June 2018. The topic choosen for this edition is the role of Social Innovation in the Public Sector. During three days, researchers, policy-makers, practitioners and people interested in the connections between social innovation and public innovation will have an opportunity to debate and exchange knowledge and information about trends and challenges of these topics.

The objectives of this summer school are:

  • Introducing the Social Innovation Community project from the relationship between Social Innovation and Public Innovation
  • Deepening methodologies, resources and perspectives related to Public Innovation, ICTs and Social Innovation in the local and urban environment
  • Exchanging knowledge and information that can help generating a network of Social Innovation in the public sector
  • Co-creating and co-designing new strategies for reforming and boosting innovation in public policies at the local and regional level

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