Extended Deadline: Call for Participation | NOvation Online Forum 2021: September 15th-17th, 2021

NOvation Online Forum 2021 | Online event for early career and senior scholars in Critical Studies of Innovation

Updated Call for Participation: NOvation Online Forum 2021 — 15-17 September

Theme: Governance(s) of Innovation

The governance of innovation has become a central element of national and international policies. By governance, we mean both the development of governing styles and governance practices – overcoming the state as the ultimate paradigm of rationality — and the blurring of boundaries between the public and private sectors. (Weber 1922; Stoker 1998; Dryzek 2010). This means that after decades of a historical reliance on public authorities to promote innovative and technological endeavours, nowadays the emphasis seems to be on private, entrepreneurial and corporate initiatives. Nevertheless, technological as well as social innovations are still being hailed around the globe as the prominent solutions to pressing societal challenges.

The first NOvation Online Forum seeks to critically address this pro-innovation imperative (e.g., Godin et al. 2021) and to open a space for discussion among early career and senior scholars. The forum especially addresses early career scholars or scholars with a growing interest in Critical Studies of Innovation. We invite young scholars – including PhD students and post-doc researchers – from all areas of social sciences and humanities who have a keen interest in understanding the problematic causes and effects of innovation policies, the national or international differences in the governance of innovation, and who are willing to share their ideas with a more extensive network. We especially encourage scholars from different global regions to apply, so as to facilitate a broad discussion across countries and diverse understandings and practices of governance. To this end, the NOvation Online Forum offers different formats that target the needs of engaging with Critical Studies of Innovation. It is conceived as a modular setup, where scholars can choose their participation based on their specific interests.

Keynote addresses will be delivered by Dr. Ngai-Ling Sum (University of Lancaster, UK), Dr. Lee Vinsel (Virginia Tech, US), Dr. Gonzalo Ordóñez-Matamoros (University of Twente, NL) and Dr. Marcos Barbosa de Oliveir (University of São Paulo)

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Extended Deadline: Paper and Theory Labs are receiving proposals until the next 15th July.

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