Call for Papers | Special Issue: Workplace Innovation and Inclusive Futures for Europe – European Journal of Workplace Innovation

The European Journal of Workplace Innovation (EJWI) recently published a Call for Paper for its Special Issue “Workplace Innovation and Inclusive Futures for Europe”:

“This Special Issue of EJWI is concerned with the impact of workplace innovation. Workplace innovation brings positive impacts on organisational performance and quality of work. The question is if such positive results come at a price? Do workplace innovation policies generate exclusiveness? What does a ‘high road’ and inclusiveness mean for workplace innovation? We invite authors to think with us how changes in company policies, caused by major changes such as technology, globalisation, pandemic and migration, affect the quality of work within and
between companies. We especially invite papers from the H2020 Beyond4.0 consortium and the participants of the EZA-Conference to share their experiences. This Special Issue runs in connection to the H2020 Beyond4.0 project.”

Please find the full call for papers here: Call for papers – Special issue EJWI 2022


  • October 15th 2021deadline for submission of the proposals. They should be sent to
    Authors should register and upload text, then provide the requested information
  • December 1st 2021 – feedback to the authors.
  • February 1st 2022 – submission of the papers.

Scientific Committee

Sally Wright, Steven Dhondt: Guest Editors
Richard Ennals: Editor in Chief, EJWI
Hans Christian Garmann Johnsen: Managing Editor, EJW